December 27, 2011


Hi guys,

navigating this blog just became easier!

You can now search through posts using 5 categories of labels: STYLE, COLOR, EMBELLISHMENT, BRAND and OTHER- which includes material, level of difficulty, personal notes and much more!

You can also browse other blogs on my BLOG ROLL TAB, which lists all the blogs I currently follow in alphabetical order. As well as the 25 most recently updated sites which appear on the lower right hand side of the blog at all times.

Another tab available is the Challenge tab which will show links to completed challenges and special posts.
You can also see product reviews on the REVIEWS tab,  HOW-TO's for some of my designs can be found on the TUTORIAL page, and amazing blogger giveaways on the GIVEAWAYS page!

If you encounter any problems with any links, or would like YOUR BLOG to appear on the blog roll tab please email me at

Thank you,



  1. Level of difficulty..I like it!!

  2. YAY for organization! Looks great, girl.

  3. Wow, you have been busy, well done, I really like it :)

  4. How did you separate the categories like this???

  5. thank you! :)

    fingers- by adding multiple label gadgets!


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