December 03, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 3

hello! :) Here is my ICICLES themed nail design! I did these nails when i was still up at 3am because i love this challenge, and unfortunately i have been busy bus busy so i've been waiting to post all day! SO, FINALLY here it is... I got my inspiration from ice caves particularly THIS IMAGE. I love the way the icicles look layered with all the different shades of blue! I however avoided the blue palette because I used blue as my primary nail color for yesterdays challenge. 

Starting after the base coat: 3 layers of Sinful - out of this world (#842) for the base and distant icicles (you can only really see it where it's that light grey under the whiter icicles. Next was actually a happy mistake, i kind of made a franken finger! It happened by first putting down a layer of O.P.I. - austin-tacious turquoise, only to decide it really was TOO turquoisey for what i wanted, so I put a layer of O.P.I. - lucern- tainly look marverlous on top. For some reason the turquoise pigment overpowered the steel grey glitter and created this deep grey-green. WEIRD! This was to  make the back shadowy part of the cave. Next I needed to make MORE ICICLES, but not completely cover up the silver section by using Kiss - white striper.  At this point I used my Seche VITE - quick dry top coat because I needed to do some finishing touches that top coat would only cover up. 
If you have been following me thus far you have probably realized that i REALLY like using rhinestones, glitter and such, and luckily i have the PERFECT thing for the holidays (which in order to not wear out i shall try to use sparingly... maybe?!) white powdery snow-like glitter!
I used a light sprinkling on the tip (its kind of hard to see because i don't have a nice camera), and topped off the design with a silver rhinestone on my ring finger and thumb.  If you check out the little oval nail swatch you can see the glitter better!

I FORGOT TO MENTION! I also used individual pieces of silver bar glitter to seperate the silver (sinful colors) and the grey/green, because its nearly impossible to see in these pics! 

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  1. Totally awesome. That background color is totally cool! I love the extra touches.

  2. I really like the background color as well! I like the rhinestone too!:)

  3. I love it, out of this world is so pretty!

  4. thank you guys! all of your designs were all so wonderful!


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