This is the tutorial page where I will be posting the step-by-step process to achieve some of my favorite nail designs! 
You can request to see tutorials for already created nail designs or request for me to create a design based on a specific theme, color, or using a specific polish, etc. 

*If you try any of these designs please credit me, AND let me know, i'd love to see your results!

 If you have any questions, comments, problems with this page, or requests you can reach me at basecoattopcoat.kelly@gmail.com

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Holly                                                                                                    Snow Fall
requires a base color, pen or dotting tool, thin brushed
polish, glitter polish, nail art beads, base & top coat.
requires base color, darker version of snow color, brown
striper, white pen or dotting tool, base and top coat.

requires pink/red base color, 2 green stripers or thin brush,
1 dark 1 light green, black pen or striper, base and top coat.