January 29, 2012

Robert Cavalli inspired nails

 Got more baggage... inspired by Roberto Cavalli bag from the spring 2012 collection

base color 3 coats O.P.I. - kyoto pearl, Nail Star - black for the stripes and flower outline.
Nail Star - white for the base color of the flowers, and Love & Beauty - royal, L.A. girl F.L.A.R.E. and Love & Beauty - lavender. I finished the design off with Seche Vite - dry fast top coat.

January 28, 2012

Jimmy Choo inspired nails

inspired by Jimmy Choo spring 2012 cuff+clutch, on my newly trimmed nails (semi- sad :(...) now if i only owned the bag to match...

The base color is Ruby Kisses - french white 3 coats, and the black spots and lines were done using Nail Star - black. Next the line was done using Kiss - red wine striper, and gold nail art beads. 
The top of the design was done using Sinful Colors - cloud 9, 2 coats, and O.P.I. - hong kong sunrise, with 1 coat of Revlon - pink chiffon (#911) on top to create a peachy pink. I finally topped off the design with a silver rhinestone at the top of the "V" to add some bling, and topped off the design O.P.I. - top coat. 

January 25, 2012

pink + purple ombre layered!

As i said i'm really into the layered look lately...

First the ombre: I applied two coats of American Apparel - coney island which is an awesome opaque baby pink. I then applied one layer of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - pink promise (#06) which is a tinted baby pink sheer micro glitter, and looks awesome over pinks and other warm colors.  Next i used Love & Beauty - lavendar, Kiss - soft purple striper and O.P.I. - funky dunky to finish the pink to purple ombre.

The layered design was created using Kiss - red wine (striper)  for the outline. I then filled in random sections of the design using Nail Star -  metallic opaque silver, and Kiss - gold glitter striper.
Seche VITE - fast drying top coat .... end.


I've been really into layering embellishments over patterns lately...

For the base color i used Revlon - midnight affair (#791), the leopard was done using Nail Star - pearl blue and Kiss - blue striper. I then used Seche VITE to seal the design. Next I placed the rhinestone cabochons and created false settings around them using gold nail art beads. 

January 23, 2012

greek chic

Funky greek design!

After applying 1 coat each of O.P.I. - natural nail strengthener and O.P.I. - natural base coat, I then applied 3 coats of Ruby Kisses - french white.  Then using, American Apparel Neon - neon coral, Nail Star - white, Kiss - bronze (striper), and Nail Star - opaque silver I created this greek-like design. I then embellished using silver cabochons and iridescent orange small hex glitter, All topped off with Seche VITE.

January 16, 2012

teal tie-dye

For this design I wanted to create a sort of died fabric effect using this awesome TEAL color I just received from a friend. All this requires is a base color and a minimum of 3 striper polishes, or 3 colors and thin brush to get this look. Because I was using a green-teal base I chose colors that I felt would compliment but not overpower the base.

After O.P.I. - natural nail base coat I applied 3 layers Milani - fresh teal  Next I used Kiss- blue striper to start the dyed pattern, I choose this color because It was similar to the teal, and tied the teal and the rest of the palette together. Next, keeping in mind that I just used blue, I choose Kiss - soft purple striper and followed along the outside of the blue patter. I then did the same with my final color Kiss - red wine striper outside the light purple. I then used 1-2 coats of Seche VITE - fast dry top coat.

January 14, 2012

Swatch! Orly - Passion Fruit

Orly passion fruit is an interesting color, being a mix of florescent reddish orange and an intense florescent pink. Depending on the light it appears more like one or the other, in pictures it looks more orange like, but in real life this was PINK!. To get this thickness of color I had to apply 4-5 coats because the polish is super thin. A color like this would go perfectly over a white base, probably only requiring one at most two applications to achieve the full neon impact.

January 12, 2012

stripe suit

These nails were kind of a random thought. I knew i wanted to  have a pink v-gap with a flower inside, but the blue was chosen soley because red and blue are colors i rarely use together.  I decided that i would use the blue to subdue the intense coral color. I used the blue to outline the Vgap and then added vertical stripes over the coral which from a distance, makes it appear like a color fade from blue to purple to coral. Unfortunately the highlights of the nails are seriously distracting, sorry! and The baby pink triangle was chosen to offset the rest of the design and enhance the directionality of the nail through contrast in color.

The reddish color is Love & Beauty - coral, 3 coats. The baby pink vgap was done using American Apparel - coney island 1 coat. The blue stripes and outline was done using Kiss - blue striper,  and the rose is Nail Star - red.


January 11, 2012

pink ombre polka dots

Hey guys,

I apologize for being so absent lately, however something so sweet just happened....So i just received a sort of care package jammed in my mailbox from a friend, she gave me 14 nail polishes that she didn't want! So amazing! they've all only been used once or twice too! (thanx Amara! :) )
One of the colors I received was the awesome barbie pink, although i don't wear pink a lot, it is my FAVORITE kind of pink, and i am constantly looking for the perfect barbie pink. Anyways So i decided that I would make an ombre using a second barbie pink! (amazing) and a darker O.P.I. magenta for the tip! This is only my second or third time doing an ombre, an i almost wish it was a more drastic color fade, NEXT TIME.

For the base color I used NYX - flash, 3-4 coats, its a dusty pink creme, that looks super plastic-like on, (i mean that in a good way, of course.) Next using a makeup sponge I added Anise - a bud for you, pink creme, also super fake looking, and really bright. I love this color! Last for the darkest part of the color fade, on the tip, i used O.P.I. - jewel of india, magenta jelly, with a really nice luster.
With the dotting tools my sister got me for christmas, I made my polka dots using Nail Star - white! 
I guess i was feeling girly today?!

thanx for stopping by.

January 07, 2012

funky foil

super simple manicure, i just wanted something that was sparkly, but i didn't want to just overlap another polish, so i used purple foil.
I recently picked a 12 pack of Martha Stewart Glitter 12 color "vintage Leaf" pack, and like all Stewart products, it looked like candy!
The obvious problem with using a material not intended for nails is that there are complications. For This manicure the problem was that the foil, which has the consistency of irregular confetti did not want to stay flat on my nails, so in order to make this manicure not have a sharp surface i had to apply a ridiculous amount of top coat! Overall i think this manicure is better appreciated at a distance because it really picks up the light, and the purples are so pretty together. However up close you can see the individual pieces of foil and it looks sort of messy.

For the bases i used O.P.I. - funky dunky and the color foil, as i said was from the Martha Stewart "vintage foil" set, is named chariote. I then use 4-6 coats of Seche Vite - quick dry top coat.

I think next time i'll use the foil more sparingly, because removing this was extremely difficult.

kreativ + glitter.

Thank you Kaki @ Glitter Obsession and Kimberly @ Nail Reflections for passing these award/badges on to me. The first is the "glitter" badge, to honor a fellow bloggers love for all things that sparkle and the second is the Kreativ Blogger Award!


rules: 1. thank the giver
2. share a glitter pic for proof!
3. pass it on
I give this to anyone who feels that they can relate to the badge!

rule 1: link to giver
rule 2: complete form below
rule 3: award to 10 blogs and tell them
rule 4: list 7 random things about yourself

favorite song: ...at the moment... bjork- venus as a boy
favorite dessert - cheese cake!
what ticks you off? bad drivers
when your upset you...? watch a movie that reminds me of childhood
favorite pet? no favorites! but i love my puppies i have now of course!
black or white? definitely black!
biggest fear?-  being eaten alive... totally weird, i know.
everyday attitude? - happy!
what is perfection? its in the eye of the beholder
guilty pleasure- i'm a video game junkie

7 things

1. i have a collection of vintage sequin shirts
2. i live with my bf, Tommy
3. i'm definitely a dog person
4. i'll watch any movie once
5. i hate garlic
6. you couldn't pay me to jump off a boat in the ocean, no matter how deep!
7. i danced and did competitions for 12 years

i pass it to (i'm just going to do 6)
1. Nail Reflections! of course :)
3. deez nails! :)
6. anyone who wants it!

thank you again to kaki and kimberly!

thanx for stopping by!

Swatch! O.P.I. - bling dynasty!

sorry i haven't posted in a while, i've been trying to give my nails and nose a little break!

Here is my 2nd (EVER) swatch... O.P.I. - bling dynasty. Yes this is the color i used for one of my New Years manicures and sadly.. bling just ain't bling without all those diamonds! 
At first i was actually really put off by the color, i thought it was kind of ugly with my skin tone. However since blinging it out i've come to appreciate it more.
It's a sort of orange-brown/gold more than anything, especially in indirect or dim lighting as you can see in the 2nd picture.
To get this gilded nail i applied about 3-4 coats maybe 5? and then applied 1 coat of Seche Vite - quick dry top coat.

i'm curious to know which gold other people like most? i personally think i would rather a gold that is more on the metallic side and brighter, but as i said this has also grown on me.

thanx for stopping by.

January 04, 2012


Wow i can't believe that i have reached 102 followers in just over a month and 1/2!!!! Thank you all for being interested in and supporting my new found love, i appreciate it more than you know!!!! I'll be posting a simple, little giveaway soon once i figure out the details of it! so stay tuned!!!! :)

grateful and excited!