December 23, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 22

Better late than never... Here are my day 22 of the 24 days of xmas challenge nails, with the theme ELVES or ELF. I wanted create a nail design that could work with this theme without having to do a portrait or a specific object of or relating to elves, although no looking back on it, if i were to redo this design I'd probably do something relating to a toy shop. However I've been making presents all day and therefore I have little energy left for intense nails right now. The part of the elf i drew inspiration from was ELF TIGHTS (or socks, stockings w.e) What is always used in depicting christmas elves, other than pointy ears , being small in height (with the exception of Will Ferrel) and hats are their brightly colored stockings! Some are solid in color, but most are striped and range in mixes of yellow, green, white and red. 

To make it a little more fun I used a nail polish base and striped with rhinestone cabochons, creating a OMBRE-STONE effect from one nail to the next to try and make the colors work together!
 They go as such, from thumb nail to pinky nail.
yellow + red - red +white - red + green - green + white - green + yellow.

Again, starting with the thumb I used Urban Outfitters - orange 3 (its more of a golden yellow than orange) about 3-4 coats, then used red rhinestone cabochons. Next nail I used Ruby Kisses - french White, also 3-4 coats, and then used both red and white rhinestone cabochons to break up the design a little. The middle finger has a Chanel - nirvana, 2 coats (gorgeous color with a light gold luster) and used red and green rhinestone cabochons to ease transition into the next nail. The ring finger uses the same Ruby Kisses - french white, 3-4 coats as a base, and like the index, has white cabochons alternating in, but with green. Finally On the pinky I used the same orange 3, 3-4 coats, and only incorporated green rhinestones for the stripes. 
This time I used O.P.I. - top coat instead of my usual Seche VITE.

Unfortunately I broke my pinky nail yesterday so the nail looks disproportional to the others. 

WE ARE ALMOST DONE!!! Tomorrow (today) is the last themed nail before a manicure of choice!
Suitably it is SANTA themed nails!

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  1. wow i LOVE this! it looks like you have jewel encrusted nails!! so pretty and a clever way to get stripes

  2. So many beads so little time! I love this mani! IT reminds me of strings light.

  3. I like this but know I would be picking those beads off! It would drive me nuts!

  4. little - thankyou!

    kimberely - thank you! yeah! or of ornaments!

    fingers - thank you! seriously.. once one fell off the temptation to pick was overwhelming!!


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