December 15, 2011


Hi guys, this is kind of a rant more than review, but i thought i should share it since every time i have to use it i feel the same way about it.
It's about CUTEX protein enriched regular nail polish remover. I JUST HATE IT!
One of the main reasons why i dislike this polish remover is because it makes my hands sticky! maybe its the protein enriched part of it, but my hands get greasy from using it and that sux. I like a nail polish remover that makes my hands look and feel clean, which this fails to do. It says it works two times faster, but i have to rub twice as hard to get the polish and such off.  For some reason with this brand, more than any other, the cotton balls always get stuck to my fingers and nails.... its just annoying. TOO STICKY!
I also, when using it like that cool feeling of nail polish remover, maybe this is just me, but it sort of adds to that feeling of cleanliness. This brand however is cool to the touch but if you put it on a cotton ball and use it its warm and almost syrupy. The one thing I do like about this remover is that it does not dry out your skin as much, however that may also depend on the soap you use to wash its residue off.
Phew! glad i got that out of my system! lol

Maybe you feel the same way? maybe you don't?
have you had similar experiences with another brand?
is there a brand you think is the best?

Let me know! :)



  1. i've had the same experience with this!! ugh, i hate it

  2. I did a post on remover a while back. I never use ANY removers with gelatin. Gelatin is made from animal bones, ligaments, and other connective tissues - which I think is pretty gross (also I am a vegetarian). I prefer to use pure acetone. It cleans super well and usually is cheaper. And of course gives you that cooling clean feeling!

  3. I'll check it out Thanx!
    I agree that is gross and pure acetone is what i like to!


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