December 29, 2011


Review on Martha Stewart Halloween Glitter/Glue 6pk.

So I bought these glitters actually in August of this past year, and have become obsessed with her glitters ever since!
Now as you probably know her glitters are priced on the higher range of craft glitter, but let me tell you, THEY ARE WORTH IT!

The quality of the glitter is outstanding, and if you love glitter as much as i do her colors are DELICIOUS and her packaging i super clean too!
 This pack of glitter comes in black, silver, red, green, blue and orange, colors which are perfect for the halloween/fall season.
They are super fine and loose so the glitter never gets sticky and clump together.
Perfect for a light dusting as well as creating a super metallic surface that goes on smooth and clean no matter how many layers. The viles of glitter are generous, depending of course how often you glitter, but mine are still half way full after 4 months!

Note: The only problem with using a lot of layers of glitter both loose and polish is that you need to be prepared to scrub harder when removing it!!

One of the most important things about using any sort of embellishment whether it be craft glitter or micro beads is how the colors hold, and Martha Stewart glitters deliver! Some glitters bleed into nail polish or when your at the end of manicure and it bleeds when putting on top coat... that's the worst!
However I have found that Seche Vite - fast dry top coat is less likely to cause bleeding, and O.P.I.- top coat almost always makes poorly dyed embellishments bleed, which can ruin the design!

Now as far as the glue is concerned I haven't used it, but I'm confident it is more than adequate for crafting on paper and such, but obviously not meant for nails.

All in all if you see Martha Stewart in a craft store next fall I highly recommend buying it! you will not be disappointed! This specific 6 pack of colored glitter is seasonal, however there are other color combos offered all through out the year.

You can buy the 6 pack of martha stewart glitters at Michaels, Jo Ann fabric and crafts, and other craft stores, or online HERE


  1. Thank you for a useful review, I just yesterday got my first glitter dust from China,gorgeous b.t.w., but am looking for some holographic glitter dust too....

  2. I wish they didn't bleed into NP.I would love to use them for frankens.

  3. maria- you're very welcome, i hope its helpful!! what is the brand from china called, if it has one? and same!

    thalie- i haven't used them for frankens... yet, but from what i can tell they don't bleed at all with clear polish. Although i'm not sure if they would if in a franken, being that the glitter will sit in the polish over time.

    Kimberely- ME TOO :) thank you!

  4. Hi Kelly, it only says "New Flow Nail Decorations", 12 colors, 10 gram each, total price including shipping $9.99, arrived quickly considering it's from China, and the link is
    - if that doesn't work, search for this: 12 COLOR x FINE GLITTER NAIL ART DECORATION DUST -422
    Pretty colors, but not holographic....

  5. Thanx maria! I will check it out ! and i'll let you know if i find any holographic dust! have a happy new year!

  6. LOL, thanks, but I just bought some from Ebay - not entirely sure about the "dust" size, but I think it's what I'm looking for -


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