December 01, 2011


my blog is broken! is anyone else having this problem?!

i can't see any of my members! this had happened awhile ago but went away till about an hour ago!
i was wondering if it's just me who is unable to see this or is nothing showing up for you as well?
if anyone has had this problem and have been successful at fixing it please TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!
thankyouuuuu!!! :)



  1. Your not the only one! A few of us and i'm sure many more are having it. I just keep reloading and if that doesn't work i way awhile and try again till it works! It sucks!

  2. waahhhh! i hope they fix this soon!!! thanx for your help! :)

  3. i'm having the same problem...i try refreshing it and they all came back,hope it works for you too

  4. I have no problems, strange you guys have

  5. Sometimes it happens to me too, I just refresh the page until I can see them again :)

  6. i refreshed it 20x it finally showed up! i clicked something on my blog by mistake and they disappeared! lol at least i know now its not completely gone, just glitchy!

    thanx for all your help! :)

  7. Dude-don't freak-it's an ongoing google/blogger problem. It think that is why they are taking GFC away from non blogger blogs in March to fix it for good. I find that if I use google chrome as my search engine in stead of safari or IE it shows up more often. We can see your followers!

  8. no freakouts, just a little frustrated. It's working now anyways! it also wasn't letting me join other blogs, but its better now!


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