December 12, 2011

The Nail Polish Tag

The Nail Polish Tag!
Thank you Courtney from GaGa for Nails for sharing this tag with me!

✶ How many bottles of nail polish do you own?
      About 128 and counting!

✶ What is your favorite nail polish brand?
     hmm... it depends
       I'd have to say Love & beauty (forever 21 brand) because they are super cheap and are generally 1 coaters. they also come in a huge variety of colors and cremes, glitters, sheers, metallics etc. but most importantly they are $2.80 USD
     I Love O.P.I. because they are just beautiful and excellent quality. I also love their themes and the names of the polishes
    Butter is also a favorite although I currently only have a few i think their micro glitters are really amazing, super seamless and have plenty of glitter per coat.

✶ Do you love or hate crackle?
Well, I don't own any and never want to buy it... i guess i don't see the point of it? (sorry :)) but it looks cool sometimes

✶If you had your own nail polish line what would you call it?
haha thats funny... mmm... maybe BC//TC? idk... id probably have to think about that more.

✶What Nail Polish does not compliment you?
not that it would stop me from using them but certain yellows and certain greens just make my skin color look a little sickly

✶ Name two of your best nail art friends?
i'll name 3! nail art beads, glitter and Seche VITE - quick dry top coat

✶ What was the best nail polish gift you've ever received?
 A gift i gave myself 72 pots of different kinds of glitters and beads! (seriously, like candy)

✶Make a speech about thanking the blogger
 I just want to say THANK YOU to Courtney (who is also a aspiring geologist!) from GaGa for Nails. My favorite thing about this bloggers nail style is her use of colors and her interchangeable manicure designs.  If you check out her blog you will see exactly what i mean. Now she's very knew to the nail scene, but from what i have seen i really lover her blog, and i look forward to the nails she'll be bringing to us in the future!

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