December 05, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 5

The time is now 7am and for some reason i am still awake! since i'm up in the wee hours of the morning i thought i would get a jump start on my challenge for the day and tackle the SNOWMAN FACE theme.
I call these nails (i really like to name my nail designs btw! ) the parts of the sum are equal to a whole... snowman! no seriously thats the real name lol... i get a kick out of it, its so silly!
My goal of this design was to create a way in which a snowman face could be seen without actually having to do another snowman. In yesterdays nail design my snowmen were pretty close up so it felt like i already did a portrait, and since it had little details I thought i would try minimalism, which for me is painfully hard because i love detailing and bejeweling everything. is my simple but modern spin on the snowman face, hope you like it!

This design was one of the easiest yet, other than overcoming a sort of nervous left hand (i'm right handed) and doing 3 coats of the white base it's a manicure that can be done in no time at all. For the base i used O.P.I. - natural base coat, the white was done using Ruby Kisses- french white, the black eyes and mouth were done using Ruby Kisses - black eutopia, and the carrot was done using Sally Hansen X - crushed, 3 coats, and of course a healthy coat of Seche Vite - quick dry top coat. This orange is actually one of my favorites because it has semi metallic luster which added that something special to the set. The only tools to make this secret snowman design requires is a a sharp edged brush for the nose and a dotting tool. I don't yet own dotting tools so i generally use various sized ends of paint brushes, dead pens, pencils or chopsticks. 

Anywho, i look forward to seeing the rest of the snowman faces that will be popping up today, and tomorrow we move on to the day 6 theme- PENGUINS!

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