December 13, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 12

Hey everyone! So i finished these a few hours ago but had some things to do. so here they are now, my HOLLY themed nails.. day 12 of the 24 days of xmas challenge! What I wanted for this challenge, was have a sort wallpaper effect. I used muted red and green and a white to add to the wallpaper feel,  with interchangeable white, red, silver and gold for the holly, and as you can see a gestural as opposed to tight holly print. And decided to add to it even further and making it a patterned/embellished gold tip french. 
I also included a picture of the nail plate i made which i used to figure out which colors to use

The base colors I used were Ruby Kisses - french white, Love & Beauty - mint and American Apparel - coney island. 
The holly on the white nail i used Kiss - gold glitter striper,  and Nail Star - red opaque, On the mint nail I used Nail Star - opaque silver (#114) Nail Star - red, and for the pink i used Nail Star - white 108 and Nail Star - opaque red again. 
Next I added a line of auburn nail art beads, and then filled in the space between the nail art beads to the top of my nail with Kiss - gold glitter striper... Seche Vite

If you'd like to know which colors i used for a specific nail on the holly wheel, then let me know!

Stay tuned for tomorrows nail art themed CHRISTMAS TREES!

To see a tutorial for this design visit the TUTORIAL PAGE.

More boughs of HOLLY nails can be seen HERE:
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  1. looks so cute, love the way you used the beads

  2. I like the wallpaper effect and the color combo's, well done :)
    Thanks also for linking to my blog, I have of course done the same for you :)

  3. this is so cute, tutorial please. :o)

  4. Beautiful! I love the overall look! And the green glitter tips make it perfect!

  5. shannara - thank you! i'm addicted to the beads! it'll be a sad day if i ever run out! :)

    Alexandra- Thank you! :)

    Maria- thank you! and thank you! :)

    Nail reflections- thank you! :)

    Katt- thank you! I will definitely do one soon! :)

    Chroma - thank you! I was actually debating about doing the gold ad first, but i'm happy i did because in real life they are just so sparkly! :)


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