This page catalogues my nail polish collection!
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*It is still VERY in progress

Chanel - laque rouge
Chanel - nirvana
Essie - poor lil' rich girl
Kiss- red (striper)
Nail Star - red (#101)
Nail Star - red (#105)
Nail Star - red (#115)
Nail star - red (#122)
Nail Star - red 
O.P.I. - deer valley spice
O.P.I. - i'm not really a waitress
O.P.I. - royal rajah ruby
Orly-  bus stop crimson
Revlon- revlon red (#680)
Sally Hansen-  cardinal
Sally Hansen-  glossy (burgundy) (#08)
Stay Perfect No.7 - poppy 80

AA NEON- neon coral
Kiss- neon orange (striper)
Love & Beauty- coral
Love & beauty- orange
Nail Star - orange (#107)
Nail Star - orange (#126)
Nail Star - light orange glitter
Nail Star - orange glitter
O.P.I.- honk kong sunrise
O.P.I.- palm springs delight
Sally Hansen X- crushed (#20)
Sinful Colors- cloud 9 (#853)
Urban Outfitters- orange 1

Kiss- gold glitter (striper)
Kiss- yellow (striper)
Love & beauty- gold
Love & beauty scented- gold (pina colada)
Nail Star - yellow (#110)
Nail Star - gold (#120)
O.P.I.- bling dynasty
O.P.I. - fiercely fiona
Revlon - gold coin (#925)
Urban Outfitters- orange 3
unknown bottle (bow logo) - yellow

Bettina Nail Enamel - bettina (#194)
Essie - sew psyched (#731)
Ghoulish Glamour- glow in the dark
Kiss- soft green (striper)
Kiss- soft green (striper)
L.A. Girl- hunter green
L.A. Girl - teal
Love & beauty- lime
Love & beauty- mint
Love & beauty- mint (opaly green)
Love & beauty- sage
Milani- green impressions (#99)
Milani - fresh teal (#504)
Nail Star - green (#125)
Nail Star - green (#130)
Nail Star - green glitter (#116)
O.P.I. - jade is the new black
O.P.I. - who the shrek are you?
Revlon - emerald city, matte suede (#933)
Sally Hansen - fairy teal
Sinful Colors- HD nails (#926)
unknown brand (has bow logo) - teal

Bon Bons- blue- (#9209)
Kiss-  blue striper)
L.A. Girl - twinkling
Love & beauty- blue (turq)
Love & beauty- indigo
Love & beauty- royal
Love & beauty- teal blue
Milani- art deco blue (#95)
Nail Star - blue (#117)
Nail Star - blue (#123)
Nail Star - blue (#127)
Nail Star - blue glitter (#113)
O.P.I. - austin-tatious turquoise
O.P.I. - ogre-the-top blue
Revlon - midnight affair (#791)
Sally Hansen-  spark (blue/purple) (#06)
Sally Hansen X- marine scene (#23)
unknown bottle (bow logo) - blue

Bettina Nail Enamel - metallic maroon
Bon Bons- purple (#9197)
Kiss- red wine (striper)
Kiss- soft purple (striper) (#08)
Layla Magneffect - velvet groove
Love & beauty- lavender
Love & beauty- purple (glitter)
Love & beauty- purple (trans metallic/opal glitter)
Love & beauty-magenta (glitter)
Milani- purple passion (#17)
Nail Star - red wine
Nail Star - purple
O.P.I. - funky dunky
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry- uptempo plum (#21)
Sinful Colors - daddys girl (#841)
Wet n Wild - buffy the violet slayer

AA- coney island
Anise- a bud for you
Bon Bons- peach (#9202)
Bon Bons- peach w. glitter (#7276)
Butter London- rosie lee
Claire's- glow in the dark (pink glitter)
Essie- strawberry shortcake
Kiss-  bikini pink (striper)
Love & Beauty-  hot pink/ gold
Love & beauty- hot pink
Love & Beauty scented- Pink (strawberry)
Maybelline- hot pink (#120)
Milani - sweet (#167)
Nail Star - pink (#104)
Nail Star - pink (#111)
N.Y.C. - pink promenade creme (#109a)
NYX - NP 21 flash
O.P.I. - all roads lead to rome
O.P.I. - bubble bath
O.P.I. - jewel of india
O.P.I. - year of the dragon
Orly - passion fruit
Revlon- pink chiffon (#911)
Revlon- posh pink (#912)
Revlon glimmer gloss- strawberry sizzle (#635)
Rimmel London- pink
Sally Hansen-  pink promise (#06)
Sally Hansen - shell we dance? (#160)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry- flashy fuchsia (#14)
Wet 'N' Wild- fuchsia

Butter London- all hail the queen
Essie- mademoiselle
Kiss-  bronze (striper)
L.A. Girl-  brown
Love & beauty- cocoa
Love & beauty- peach
Love & beauty- rust
Nail Star - copper
O.P.I.- warm & fozzie
Sally Hansen-  real royal (#53)
Urban Outfitters- nude 5

Kiss- silver (striper)
L.A. Girl- pewter
Love & beauty- grey (opaly gold)
Nail Star - silver (#114)
Nail Star - Silver glitter (#103)
NYC- starry silver gitter (#105)
O.P.I.- better
O.P.I.- lucerne-tainly look marvelous
O.P.I. - skull and glossbones
Sally Hansen X - in the spotlight (#35)
Sinful Colors- out of this world (#842)

Kiss -  black (striper)
Nail Star - black (#109)
Ruby Kisses- black utopia
Sally Hansen X- black out (#24)

10 - perfectly clear (#401)
Kiss- white (stiper)
Love & beauty scented- clear (zesty citrus)
Nail Star - white (#108)
O.P.I. - kyoto pearl
Ruby Kisses- french white
unknown brand (bow logo) - white

Love & beauty- black/silver (holo bar glitter)
Sally Hansen X- invisible (#01)
Urban Outfitters- sparkle (glitter)

CND - super matte top coat
Loreal- top coat (#110)
Maybelline- wet shine
O.P.I.- natural nail base coat
O.P.I.- natural nail strengthener
O.P.I.- top coat
Revlon - gentle cuticle remover (#980)
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus - crystal clear
Seche VITE - dry fast top coat

DL professional dotting tools