December 26, 2011

mommicure II

My mom was so excited about the last manicure I gave her, that she had asked me to do another!
Her outfit was black with silver and gray accents, so i wanted them to match! Again, she was so proud, and it was so cute! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!

I realized i never include this part, but I ALWAYS use O.P.I.- natural nail strengthener, and O.P.I. - natural base coat before doing any manicure.

For this manicure I used 2 coats of O.P.I. - lucern - tainly look marvelous.
Then I created a pattern that went around the base of each nail and moved towards the top, on her pinky, middle and thumb, with small hexagonal glitter in black and silver. Once I did the first nail it went so quick, but it was incredibly time consuming, placing the glitters one by one.
I then secured it with Seche VITE - quick dry top coat.


  1. I love how you did the glitter designs!

  2. This is a cute manicure. :) And it's great how your mom's so excited about getting her nails done. I'm sure she'll be going to you again really soon. ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday and have some fun plans for New Year's Eve. :)

  3. It was really fun! And i hope she'll let me do her nails more often now!
    and i hope you had a wonderful holiday as well, and for NYE too! :)


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