December 07, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 7

GingerbreadMEN, that was the challenge for day 7
Originally I didn't want to do actual gingerbread men, i was looking more at gingerbread houses for inspiration, but i felt my design was missing something....
What I did was have a gingerbread background, and a ring of icing with red, yellow, orange, green and purple gumdrops.... this is the point at which the design felt empty.
The icing motifs included in the gum drop and icing rings are : gingerbread men,  a gingerbread house, spiral and heart! I wanted them to look like they were draw in icing and add to the already playful palette to give it that.... child like fancy? lol

The base color I used was Love & Beauty - cocoa (how appropriate for holiday related foods) i seriously can't say it enough... these nail polishes are SWEET, one coaters nice colors... more more more!
Next.. because alas i still have no dotting tool I used the end of a paint brush and made connecting dots in a ring around my nail, not too close to the edges though, using Ruby Kisses - french white.
For the colors i used Nail star - red, Nail star -  glittery orange,  Nail star - lime green, Nail star - dark purple, & Kiss - gold glitter stripper, and dotted the colors... gumdrops... randomly in the center of white... like gumdrops stuck on with icing. 
To fill the empty space of the design I used Ruby Kisses - french white for the drawings.
need i say it.... Seche Vite - quick dry top coat!

and there you have it, ginger things (title, maybe? ) Tomorrow is CANDY CANES

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  1. Ahhh I love them! Adorable. Makes me kind of hungry.

  2. That's so cute, I wanted to do Girgerbread man too, but couldn't find the right color, this is perfect! thanks for sharing :)

  3. looks realy cute, love the details

  4. They are cute - and you found the perfect brown :)
    I look forward to Sunday, where start my Christmas nails series :)

  5. FYI-the GFC is going away in MARCH for NON blogger blogs-yours will NOT be affected.

  6. These are just awesome, the little beaded border looks amazing and of course so does your gingerbread man!

  7. thank you guys!

    alexandra, you should mix a green and red together!

    maria- its so much fun!

    fingers-thanx i realized that eventually, which is why i took it down. i had just seen it on several peoples blogs so i assumed they knew, i've only been blogging for less then a month,

  8. these are so awesomely fun. i love them !


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