December 22, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 21

My internet connection was knocked out by rain last night, and I'm just now getting it back... so without further delay, here are my REINDEER/RUDOLPH themed nails (day 21 of the 24 days of xmas challenge!)

I took a sort of morbid/humored approach to this design being that I did normal reindeer the day before. I also have set a goal for myself for this challenge; to try and make my nails have as much variety as possible by pushing alternative christmas imagery and typical christmas color palettes. 

As you can see I illustrated 3 reindeer skulls (one of them being Rudolph) and two holly-across-bones (skull and crossbones... get it? lol, maybe?!) 
I decided that a softer, feminine color would detract from the morbid imagery, and that the hint of metallic luster would make it feel less flat.
Unfortunately when the internet went out I decided in the meantime I would paint some presents I am making and ended up getting some acrylic paint stuck to my nails and sort made it a little funky in places  :( but hopefully it isn't too distracting. Enjoy!

For the base color I used Love & Beauty - Lavender 1 coat, and to add a nice metallic shine to it, I added Sinful Colors - out of this world (#842), which is a nice consistent sheer micro micro micro glitter.
I wanted to create my own warm grey, but after putting on my top coat the purple really came through!

For the rest of the design I used acrylic paint, and circular and almond shaped rhinestone cabochons for the holly. I then finished it off with my trusty Seche Vite - quick dry top coat.

Todays theme which I will be posting later today is EL/F/VES so stay tuned!

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  1. I'm QUITE sure that Santa has put you on his naughty list LOL ;)

  2. Oh my gosh what a cute idea!! You did great!

  3. Wow...dead reindeer...I LOVE IT! Amazing job!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. ha ha Love it! Even a dead Rudolph's nose still glows red!! Got to love it!

  5. Maria - LOLOL I'm hoping he has a sense of humor :)

    wickless - thank you :)

    Chroma - thank you! you too! :)

    Kimberely - Of course it does! ;) thank you!


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