December 16, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 16

Today's theme (day 16) for the 24 day's of christmas challenge is LIGHTS!
I decided to go a different route for lights and instead use candle lights as my inspiration. One of my favorite things about the days leading up to the holidays is the candles my mom puts out. They smell so festive and add create an aroma for christmas that is just AMAZING. She also puts candle - lights (with bulbs) in all the windows and when outside it looks so pretty! Now although i didn't use any traditional christmas colors I think that the nails are warm and bright. I've also been interested in using alternative christmas colors because i got tired of using red and green all the time.

For the base color I used Love & Beauty - grey (with gold shimmer)  2 coats
For the candle LIGHT i first used Kiss - yellow striper  then Kiss - orange striper  on top of that
Next I used Nail Star - copper shimmer, and for the  "light" around the flame I first had to put Kiss - white striper so that when i put a layer of Kiss - orange striper  it would really POP!
For the candle I used Kiss - White striper, and for the dripping wax shadow (which is kind of hard to see) I used Nail Star - silver shimmer (#114) For the wick I used  Kiss - black , For the flame I first put down Kiss - white striper, then Kiss - yellow striper, and Kiss - orange striper. Finally I put a gold cabochon at the base of the flame for that extra shine! Then to fill up some of the negative space i used Kiss - orange striper  in a radial pattern around the design.

tomorrow is TINSEL time!

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  1. love the bright colors you used, looks great!

  2. That is one beautiful candle! I love how you detailed it!


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