December 14, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 13

I don't know why but i've gotten into this terrible habit of posting my nails in the wee hours of the morning despite my doing them early in the day, except last night i went to post them around midnight (not too late) and my internet crapped out before i could finish writing this post! >:( ANYWAYS here are my christmas tree inspired nails. I decided to avoid doing an actual christmas tree because tomorrow is ornaments and i may or may not do something with that. So instead I went for a two color, christmas sweater pattern. The thumb and ring finger are supposed to look like more christmas trees in the background, but it kind of just looks like mountains, which I am okay with too.

So first I painted all but one nail using Love & Beauty - mint and one nail with L.A. Girl Flare - hunter green. Next i figured out which of the mint nails I wanted as the "tree farm/mountains"
After that it just took A LOT of patience to get the straight lines. 
Next I used to different sized gold rhinestone cabochons, the taller trees with the larger, and the smaller with ...the smaller, in place of the stars. 

Anyways here is my CHRISTMAS TREE DESIGN! stay tuned because tomorrows theme of the 24 day x-mas challenge is ORNAMENTS!

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  1. I love your take on it! Great colors with a touch of bling. Classic!

  2. The best thing about art is interpretation and these are awesome!

  3. Kaki: thank you! i feel like that should be my slogan "touch of bling" lol im just obsessed with bedazzling!

    Shannara: thank you!

    Nail reflections: Thank you and i agree! so many possibilities!



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