December 11, 2011

24 days of XMAS Challenge : Day 11

Christmas movies are one of the best parts of waiting for the big holiday day. Now one of my favorite holiday movies is Nightmare Before Christmas. Its so silly and imaginative, and one of the best parts, i can watch from halloween to christmas and its still so fitting. 
So how does this relate to my theme today? Well, if you've seen this movie before you'll probably recognize the scene i am depicting. When Jack Skelington takes on christmas he makes several stops on his route, one of them is at an old women's house. He opens the door an places what seems at first to be a harmless wreath... until like all of the haunted holiday toys it comes alive and starts to attack!. This scene is so ridiculous and playful and well depicts how twisted this holiday can be when not even an old women nor a wreath are safe from the handy work and fantastical minds of Henry Selick and Tim Burton.

I didn't want to white for the background because i thought it would make it more graphic looking and as your know its stop motion which means its built scenes using puppets and props. SO...
I used two coats of Sally Hansen - shell we dance (#160) which allows my natural nail to be scene so the design really stands off my nail. 
To make the wreath i started with my middle finger so i could determine where the arms of the wreath were going to move. So first i used L.A. Girl FLARE - hunter green, I sort of stippled a leafy wreath pattern i a circle then moving towards opposite edges of my nails... and then continued this in a line across the rest of my nails. 
Next to get a little tonality i used Sinful Colors -HD nails (#926),  spaced out to  add to the leafy feeling.
Now to do the actual leaves I used Nail Star - medium metallic green in differently sized dots all on top of the green already down, but spaced enough where the individual leaves aren't touching, so that it looks like individual leaves. Then to add even further to the leaves I used Kiss - green striper. To accentuate the leaves EVEN MORE I used Kiss - black striper and made little squiggles on the wreath to separate the leaves, then did a little choppy outline under the top section to give the wreath looking like it has a mouth. 
The eyes were done with Nail Star - white and Nail Star - black.
 For the last touch of the wreath i used Kiss - bronze striper to create the little berries on the wreath. I used bronze so that they would recede into the wreath more when I added the bow.
The Bow was done using Kiss  - red striper, for the base color. Then for highlights I used Nail Star- red on the outside edge of each flap of the bow, a line or two down the center and on the hanging ribbon. Again, not completely covering up the back ground color and not touching other red sections so that it looks more 3D. 
Then Seche VITE - quick dry top coat.. DUH! :)

PHEW! Stay tunes because tomorrows theme is HOLLY

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  1. Really cute!! I love how it continues to the rest of your nails!

  2. Oh my gosh so cute! And inventive!!

  3. thank u! i loved your designs too! :)

  4. OMG! This is so creative and so 3D ! it looks like a photo :D really great work!!

  5. Love the detail in the wreaths! Awesome!

  6. GORGEOUS! I'm definitely trying this on my nails! :)

  7. i LOVE this movie and your take on wreath nails! i love the part when the giant snake is eating the christmas tree, makes me laugh every time :)

  8. Thank you all! :) I love reading your comments I means A LOT!

    Lexi if you try it i'd like to see!

    little monster: ME TOO.. the whole movie is hilarious and wonderful!


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