November 12, 2011

victorian daisies // midnight

Midnight daisies was a fun little experiment using 3 colors gradient base, glitter striper, white striper and football shaped white and baby blue rhinestone cabochons.
my gradient consists of
"grey"-love and beauty
"indigo"-love and beauty
"royal" love and beauty
i actually really love this line of nail polishes, their colors aren't too diluted so you never need more than two coats to get a fully opaque coat. They also don't take too long to dry and are under $3.00 a bottle!
The next step involves using a gold glitter striper, drawing a horizontal line that seperates the grey from the blue tones. Next you'll want to place the football shaped cabochons starting on top of the gold stripe. I used white for stones for my index, middle and pointer fingers in a line, and alternated blue and white on my pinkies and thumbs.
For the Final step you will need a white striper. first on the tip of your finger nail make little dashes that point either left or right depending on the curve of your cabochon. next make dashes around the rhinestone that is on top of the gold stripe only (this should be be the one furthest from the tip of you nail). Finally  make 3 dashes in the center along the rim where the cuticle grows,  this should connect but not touch the "flower petals" from the rhinestone daisy, creating a victorian inspired floral pattern.

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