November 23, 2011


Now, i'm really not one for thanksgiving food. turkey makes you sleepy, stuffing is good as long as its meat-less, and potatoes... too starchy... but OMG.. PUMPKIN PIE IS MY JAM! esp. when homemade and fresh out of the oven! I drove up with my boyfriend to my sisters house in VT for this holiday and my sis spent all morning making pie! so until i get to indulge in my favorite turkey day food... i'll just have to settle with PUMPKIN PIE themed nails!!

In order to achieve this dessert design the colors you'll need are Sally Hansen Xtreme - crushed (#20)  for the pumpkin part of the pie (2 coats)
Love and Beauty - gold  for the crust (2 coats), Kiss - bronze striper for the tear drop holes in the crust.
Next you'll need decorative gold bead balls, to embellish the crust, which can be purchased online, and if you haven't used them before (which i hadn't before this) it can be quite tedious. The balls are adhered using top coat and after the design is complete you want to use another layer of top coat to secure the beads.
If you try any thanksgiving designs then SHARE IT!
and I hope you all have a happy holiday!!!


  1. :O :O :O omg, these look amazing!

  2. pretty design, i'm curious how long those beads last for though...last time i used rhinestones they were gone in a day, are these the same?

  3. thanx Rhea!

    Parisa, I had taken this design off yesterday in order to do a new turkey day design, but as far as i can tell they seem much more secure than the rhinestones... maybe because they are packed together more? i'll pobably have the new design which has a crazy amount of beads on for at least a few days so i will let you know!

  4. Parisa, so i ended up taking off the beads today from my last design, but from i can tell, it completely depends on the size of the beads and how many there are... designs that group the beads together have a better chance of staying on then beads that stand alone. also several layers of top coat helps!


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