November 17, 2011

copper coated

I don't know what it is about Forever 21 nail polish, Love & Beauty but it just works for me. They come in so many colors, luster's, (did i mention this brand is only$2.80 a bottle!!) and even SCENTED nail polish now? where have i been, because this is news to me!? I must have looked like a weirdo in the mall, eager to try the new scented nail polish i whipped it out and took a big sniff... then realized spectators might find sniffing nail polish questionable. btw straight out of the still smells like regular old nail polish.
The image your seeing above however is not the scented nail polish but two new colors that i could not wait to try out! my camera broke a few days ago (several posts ago) so my pictures are pretty crappy, but bear with me!
anyways so the two colors your seeing above are
Love & Beauty- "rust" (so awesome on) and Love and Beauty- "mint" (which if you buy this brand you'll realize they recycle names A LOT!) this particular mint had a metallic green sheen to it.
I call these nails; OXIDIZED COPPER, a sort of ode to jewelry.
to get this effect you; 1. put a few layers of rust (i put 3 down because i wanted it to be extra shiney)
2.a layer of mint 3/4 of the way down.
3. a second layer of mint 1/2 way down
4. final layer of mint 1/4 of the tip of the nail.
the mint nail polish is very sheer so it does not require the sponging technique to achieve the desired effect.

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