November 12, 2011

cast away

August 2011, these nails were done in a loose style using only three colors and a black striper lacquer.
first choose your water color for the base. for my nails i chose "mint"- by love & beauty. since this was going to be a playful and summery design i wanted a playful palette that could be both summery and in the cooler tonal range. For the fish i used "Lavender"-by love and beauty, and the bubbles and waves  i used "teal"- by L.A. girl Flare.
//don't try and be too neat, this design is supposed to be loose and semi-childish in nature. //
Finally using a black striper loosely outline all of the fish. the pinky nail that is barely visible here is done using a black striper in a "J" shape for the hook and a purple squiggle for the worm. Using the black striper again go back into the worm and draw lines for the segments. creating a light hearted fishing scene!

images include fish, bubbles, and a worm on a hook (which is hard to see in this picture)...  i was on a boat while my boyfriend and dad were fishing, i didn't feel left out afterward.

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