November 12, 2011

clown suit

These nails were done DEC 2010, they use a mix of solid, transparent and glitter lacquers.
theme: a 5 year olds clown themed birthday bash? i was feeling playful and it was one of those days where i couldn't pick JUST ONE design so i decided to just start and see where it would take me. this design is really simple and allows for a lot of personal touches as well as eye catching party themed flare. All you have to do is pick 6 colors MAX too many and they will look too different. Using a black striper create an "X" fill in each quadrant with a color or a transparent and make sure they alternate fingers. Then begin to "doodle" just like the quadrant base coats the designs should vary, but should be used on more than one finger so that the nails still maintain that "look" without looking too random.

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