November 29, 2011

24 days of XMAS nails!

hello hello hello!

today i want to share with you this up and coming challenge that is spreading through the blogosphere!
Created by paint that nail to coincide with the days leading up to the christmas holiday! (need not to celebrate to join in!)  nail themes include fun and festive imagery such as gingerbread man, ornaments reindeer and more! topping off with a visit from santa  and your favorite manicure for the eve! so take a look at the list,  and if you would like to participate and include a link to your blog to share your holiday cheer than tell me!
it's almost here! :)


  1. I'm in too! Can't wait to see your nails!

  2. Oh man....what are you doing to me! I've got a few days left but then I think I must try this one! It would take me past christmas by a few days but thats ok!

  3. thank you and good luck to all three of you as well!
    i'm excited to start because this is my first challenge! i've put links to all three of your blogs on my xmas challenge page too! can't wait to see what you all create! :)


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