November 12, 2011

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I've always been interested in ACCESSORIES, brooches, necklaces, earrings and the like, but my love of NAIL ART manifested itself into an obsession during my years as a Jewelry and Metal-smithing undergrad. My specialty is COLOR // ENAMEL, having worked with vitreous enamels for several years, and having a background in illustration, it was an easy and exciting transition into miniature works with NAIL POLISH. The question; why can't nails be transitory and at the same time valued as much as your favorite necklace, or that flea market ring you just had to have? well, they can! Some of the most valued and precious of things are those which their appeal is based on temporality, that they can only be yours to treasure and appreciate for a short while. Sure, a diamond last a life time, but how many people have original diamond encrusted nails?? not many! (i hope//think) Ultimately, my goal of this blog is to bring to you some of what i would like to think of as personal nail conquests and fetes, tutorials, templates, wish list, inspirations and noteworthy NAIL POLISH,  NAIL ART designs, people and blogs!

DISCLAIMER: i am not left handed, so sometimes things get a little out of control

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