November 12, 2011

autumn berry

it was SEPTEMBER, 2011 and i look forward to the smell, sight and overall feel that accompanies the change of seasons from summer to fall.  However the extended summer sun started to bum me out and i wasn't yet feeling festive (i also hate when its too hot, and august/september was just that.) This Autumn berry design is a cross between the two seasons and of course a berry and a pumpkin. Using base coat of orange, turquoise for the the leaves i created the general pumpkin motif. i then used a fluorescent powdered glitter,  although it is hard to see in this picture, it looked amazing. On top of the glitter i used a textured paper towel that had a honeycomb patten, using the side in which the center of the honeycomb stuck out i sponged the texture of the berry with that baby pink. finally I added pearl cabochons to accentuate the berry form. (i wish i had a better picture!!) 

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