November 30, 2011

Art Friendly :)

Hello hello hello,

So today i was awarded this awesome Nail Art Badge by fellow blogger Kimberly from Nail Reflections, for being a Nail Art Friendly Blogger! Thank you Kimberly! i'm very excited because this is my first award! :-) I love love love thinking of fun and new nail art designs as well as admiring and being inspired by the creations of my fellow nail-enthusiasts! I'd like to pass this badge on  to some of my favorite nail art blogs!

Kimberely @ Nail Reflections :)

Linda @ Copy That Copy Cat :)

Tera @ Nails in Nippon :)

Paint that Nail :)

Courtney @GaGa for nails :)

Shannara @ Nails and Stuff :)

Sylvia @ Nail Art Creations :)

Rebecca @ Rebecca Likes Nails :)

Florence @ Everbella Beauty n Nails

check them out!
and thanx for stopping by!!


  1. Eeeek, how exciting! Thanks so so so much! :DDD

  2. Also, I mentioned you in my latest blog post. :)

  3. thank you so much! this is my first award too,im gonna write about it soon, thanks again Kelly :D!!!!


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