January 16, 2012

teal tie-dye

For this design I wanted to create a sort of died fabric effect using this awesome TEAL color I just received from a friend. All this requires is a base color and a minimum of 3 striper polishes, or 3 colors and thin brush to get this look. Because I was using a green-teal base I chose colors that I felt would compliment but not overpower the base.

After O.P.I. - natural nail base coat I applied 3 layers Milani - fresh teal  Next I used Kiss- blue striper to start the dyed pattern, I choose this color because It was similar to the teal, and tied the teal and the rest of the palette together. Next, keeping in mind that I just used blue, I choose Kiss - soft purple striper and followed along the outside of the blue patter. I then did the same with my final color Kiss - red wine striper outside the light purple. I then used 1-2 coats of Seche VITE - fast dry top coat.


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