January 23, 2012

greek chic

Funky greek design!

After applying 1 coat each of O.P.I. - natural nail strengthener and O.P.I. - natural base coat, I then applied 3 coats of Ruby Kisses - french white.  Then using, American Apparel Neon - neon coral, Nail Star - white, Kiss - bronze (striper), and Nail Star - opaque silver I created this greek-like design. I then embellished using silver cabochons and iridescent orange small hex glitter, All topped off with Seche VITE.


  1. You are one cute Greek chick right now - time consuming; I can tell :)
    Great work as always!

  2. as a Greek, i love this! well that's a lie - i'd love it either way! awesome job, i love the gems

  3. thank you! :)

    it wasn't too time consuming


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