January 12, 2012

stripe suit

These nails were kind of a random thought. I knew i wanted to  have a pink v-gap with a flower inside, but the blue was chosen soley because red and blue are colors i rarely use together.  I decided that i would use the blue to subdue the intense coral color. I used the blue to outline the Vgap and then added vertical stripes over the coral which from a distance, makes it appear like a color fade from blue to purple to coral. Unfortunately the highlights of the nails are seriously distracting, sorry! and The baby pink triangle was chosen to offset the rest of the design and enhance the directionality of the nail through contrast in color.

The reddish color is Love & Beauty - coral, 3 coats. The baby pink vgap was done using American Apparel - coney island 1 coat. The blue stripes and outline was done using Kiss - blue striper,  and the rose is Nail Star - red.



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