January 11, 2012

pink ombre polka dots

Hey guys,

I apologize for being so absent lately, however something so sweet just happened....So i just received a sort of care package jammed in my mailbox from a friend, she gave me 14 nail polishes that she didn't want! So amazing! they've all only been used once or twice too! (thanx Amara! :) )
One of the colors I received was the awesome barbie pink, although i don't wear pink a lot, it is my FAVORITE kind of pink, and i am constantly looking for the perfect barbie pink. Anyways So i decided that I would make an ombre using a second barbie pink! (amazing) and a darker O.P.I. magenta for the tip! This is only my second or third time doing an ombre, an i almost wish it was a more drastic color fade, NEXT TIME.

For the base color I used NYX - flash, 3-4 coats, its a dusty pink creme, that looks super plastic-like on, (i mean that in a good way, of course.) Next using a makeup sponge I added Anise - a bud for you, pink creme, also super fake looking, and really bright. I love this color! Last for the darkest part of the color fade, on the tip, i used O.P.I. - jewel of india, magenta jelly, with a really nice luster.
With the dotting tools my sister got me for christmas, I made my polka dots using Nail Star - white! 
I guess i was feeling girly today?!

thanx for stopping by.


  1. this is so cute! i love that gradient

  2. This is so Pretty! I love the pinks! I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award!! =) Award info is posted on my blog!

  3. My kind of pink too :) - very nice, and congrats with such a generous gift!

  4. Wow, yet another amazing mani.

  5. Ohhh, just ONE thing more - I would like to pass on the Cute Blog award to you, I enjoy your blog.
    You can pick it up and read the rules on my blog:

  6. Ooh that's pretty! I love Barbie pink too :-) Your friend is so kind :-)

  7. Very cute! I love how its not just an average polka dot.

  8. thank you thankyou guys!

    and thank you to maria and kimberly! i'll check it out! :)


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