January 07, 2012

kreativ + glitter.

Thank you Kaki @ Glitter Obsession and Kimberly @ Nail Reflections for passing these award/badges on to me. The first is the "glitter" badge, to honor a fellow bloggers love for all things that sparkle and the second is the Kreativ Blogger Award!


rules: 1. thank the giver
2. share a glitter pic for proof!
3. pass it on
I give this to anyone who feels that they can relate to the badge!

rule 1: link to giver
rule 2: complete form below
rule 3: award to 10 blogs and tell them
rule 4: list 7 random things about yourself

favorite song: ...at the moment... bjork- venus as a boy
favorite dessert - cheese cake!
what ticks you off? bad drivers
when your upset you...? watch a movie that reminds me of childhood
favorite pet? no favorites! but i love my puppies i have now of course!
black or white? definitely black!
biggest fear?-  being eaten alive... totally weird, i know.
everyday attitude? - happy!
what is perfection? its in the eye of the beholder
guilty pleasure- i'm a video game junkie

7 things

1. i have a collection of vintage sequin shirts
2. i live with my bf, Tommy
3. i'm definitely a dog person
4. i'll watch any movie once
5. i hate garlic
6. you couldn't pay me to jump off a boat in the ocean, no matter how deep!
7. i danced and did competitions for 12 years

i pass it to (i'm just going to do 6)
1. Nail Reflections! of course :)
3. deez nails! :)
6. anyone who wants it!

thank you again to kaki and kimberly!

thanx for stopping by!


  1. Aww Thanks! I love your dogs how cute they are! Mine would eat the santa hat!

  2. Thanks that's very sweet of you :) I've already answered those questions but thanks for thinking of me!

  3. thankyou!

    they try and eat the hat off each other lol so cute.

  4. i like you idea to give this award to anyone who wants it! I do! Thanks! i will do the same in my blog!


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